What Solar Rebates & Incentives are Available in 2022?

Going Solar with Abacus Energy opens you up to a world of savings that many other companies are unable to provide. Our unique approach provides savings beyond the install of your panels. Abacus Solar customers are also invited to participate in Abacus Energy Retail Electric plans specifically designed for our solar users that provide a significantly discounted rate for any energy you may still consume from the grid. Below are the other incentives and rebates that exist when going solar with Abacus Energy in 2022.

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

There is a 26% Federal Tax Credit in 2022 when going solar on your home. That tax credit drops to 22% in 2023 and is currently slated to end in 2024. 

Solar Energy System Property Tax Exemption

Add a new rooftop solar panel system to your home in Texas and your property taxes won’t go up. More information is available at Comptroller.Texas.Gov

Exclusive Energy Rates

Though you’ve gone solar, you will still be connected to a retail electricity provider for when you need grid power and or backup power to your solar system. We offer significantly discounted rates to our customers upon them going solar. 

No Upfront Costs

Going solar with Abacus Energy means no upfront cost to you. You’ll get to capitalize on the savings without the need to come out of pocket. 

Competitive Finance Rates

We’ve done the leg work for you. Our hand-picked financing partners assure you will see the lowest rates in the industry for your solar system. 

Maximum Savings with MyAbacus

Our MyAbacus App was designed by industry veterans with the idea that every user could utilize it to get the most out of their energy production. Paired with a battery on your solar system, MyAbacus will help you get closer to your goal of energy independence.