We Make Going Solar Easy

Abacus Energy makes it simple to go solar. Our in-house staff handle everything from design through installation, so you can relax and wait for your home to transform into an energy-producing powerhouse. Our goal is to create a zero-effort process for our end users. 

The solar installation timeline below simplifies a normally challenging process. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy building out the most efficient and effective process that allows us to get it exactly right, every time. Our focus is on providing exceptional experiences and earning your trust. Typical solar companies are a one-in-done transaction, whereas Abacus Energy is focused on creating long-time energy customers. 

Your Solar Installation Timeline

From the moment you sign on to install solar, to the system being full functional on your roof, is typically 45-60 days. Rest assured that you’ll be asked to do very little during this process. Your assigned project manager will act on your behalf and provide timely updates along the way.  

Welcome Call

Once you have signed your contract, you will receive a welcome call from your project manager outlining next steps in the process and  confirming project information.

Site Assesment

Our crew will come out to your property to measure your roof and ensure the system can be installed as designed.


Once our Solar Designer has created your Final Design Plan (FDP), you will receive two emails; the FDP layout to Docusign and a summary of your design with next steps.

Your project manager will use the approved PDP to request the relevant installation approvals from the following:

• AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction): Actions may vary
• Utilities: You will need to sign a Tariff Application
• HOA (Homeowners’ Association): You will be notified of submission

* Processing times may vary for each project
* Additional steps may apply for generator installations


Once we have received approval from all entities, we will reach out to you to schedule your install. You will also receive a confirmation text a week before your installation.


Our crew will began your install between 8:30 – 9:30 am weather dependent. No action is needed from you, so sit back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting.

Once the installation is complete, you will receive an email summarizing the install and next steps.

*Additional steps may apply for generator installations


After the installation is complete, there will be some inspections that will need to occur prior to turning your system on.

After all the inspections have passed, you will receive a few emails, including:

• Permission to Operate/ Turning on the System
• Monitoring Set-Up
• Warranty Information